Engine95 Scholarship Awardee
Jheanelle Harvey

The Engine95 team have chosen to contribute to the success of students at The Faculty of Engineering and Computing at the University if Technology and as a result I am now reaping the benefit. I am honoured to have been a recipient and as I continue to excel in all areas including academics, I will always be mindful and grateful for this scholarship. As a result of this donation, a huge weight has been lifted from my parents’ shoulders and I am now in a better place financially in order to contribute to my tuition. Being chosen from among the other applicants cemented my belief in how blessed I am as I was at my last point in not knowing how I would continue with my program in order to do what I love. I felt like I’ve lost everything not knowing where else or who to turn to.

Acquiring this scholarship encouraged me to work even harder to pursue my dreams as I am a step closer to finishing this chapter of my life and earn my first degree. I was blessed to meet amazing people at the ceremony. These people were instrumental in motivating me on my journey as I realized that we shared the same dream.

My sincere gratitude to you for investing in my future. I hope that I will be able to be an active member of this alumni group one day.
Engine95 Scholarship Awardee
Shannon Thompson

I must thank this organization for the scholarship they have granted me. So far, it has given me the prestigious opportunity to continue my studies. It has renewed my passion for academia and has allowed me the room to do the best I can to be worthy of such assistance.

I am grateful to their kindness, and I hope many more students will be able to receive this assistance to bolster their University Academic careers to new heights as it had mine.
Engine95 Scholarship Awardee
Johnathon Johnson

I’ve always been fascinated with the design of machines and I’m always eager to solve problems. To me one of the most fulfilling things is being able to create and improve things which are beneficial to the society. Therefore, I will forever express my sincere gratitude to Engine95 for reassuring me that my far fetch dream will become my reality. I am truly elated and grateful for this opportunity to further my studies without the heavy financial burden I had. Though the scholarship gave me financial clearance, the time spent with the mentors was priceless. The different presentations and discussions provided preparedness for us students to have an idea of what to expect in the work world. We were given insight from interviewing to having a firm grip on the career ladder in order to effectively and purposefully pull ourselves up.

I am grateful for the “engineer’s perspective” experience that the mentors provided. This opportunity has fueled my passion for engineering. Hence, I hope other students work hard to be able to experience this impeccable opportunity. I THANK YOU ENGINE95.
Engine95 Scholarship Awardee
Johnathon Johnson

I am truly grateful to the engine95 community for giving me the opportunity to partake in their organization through this scholarship. Engine95 has increased my knowledge along with teaching me skills that are not taught in a classroom. It was a great experience, talking and interacting with the community and the time they take to pass on their knowledge to upcoming engineers.

I am thankful for the mentors that I have gotten and the support from the scholarship to pursue my Electrical Engineering Degree.
Engine95 Scholarship Awardee
Tahjae Lindsay

The Engine95 organization whole heartedly illustrated what is meant by:
‘We will all ascend by enlightening each other.’

With the help of this assistance, I was able to focus more on excelling academically rather than constantly worrying of where majority of my tuition will be sourced from. This played a great role in assisting me to be able to maintain an above average GPA for this academic year.

The financial assistance was great, but the most impressive act carried out by this organization was the mentorship program. Very commendable initiative that seeks not only to financially assist students, but to also help them to gain real life skills and tips to have the advantage over other students in a fiercely competitive industry.
I must once more express my most sincere gratitude to everyone that played a role in funding, organizing, mentoring, outsourcing, and the overall selection process amongst every other duty carried out. I am truly honored to have been selected and guided through the entire process as I have learned so much and met extraordinary professionals in my field.